Valentine’s poem My love for you

My love for you
You can put it in a box
Hide so nobody can see
My love for you is true
But your love for me?

My love for you
Is so right
When darkness come up
Is your love my light
It keeps up my head
When I’m lonely or sad

My love for you
Will never replace
cause I love you
not because your beauty face
It’s deeply inside of my heart
You will always be a part..
A part of me

My love for you
You can see it in
the things that I do
The way that I say
How much I love you
I lose myself for losing you..

My love for you
will never die
how much other
people try and try
they haven’t any might
cause we fight
together forever and ever

my love for you
everything comes to an end
we can walk and talk
but only as a friend
so past is past gone
is gone lost is lost and done is done.

This is how one big lie
can true love forever die..